Take Control of Your Calendar

I have spent a lot of my career in sales feeling like I'm running in circles and never completing my lists of todo's. The balance of getting all of my sales org projects, proposals, documentation, followup, and give my clients unlimited access to myself and team was beyond overwhelming. I started looking at what powerhouse CEO women were doing. They had things like families and were still managing all of it, there had to be a way to make what I loved doing feel better.

I started digging into these women's daily organizational practices. There were a few simple things they were doing that changed my life. I also have to thank Alyssa Coleman for her productivity hacks, she shares so much for free and has literally transformed my calendar. 

3 Time Management Practices that Have Changed my Life:

1.) Time Blocking: I love looking at my calendar now. It's colorful and I never have a question about what I should be doing. I use Alyssa's calendar to do this, you can find it on her website for a small cost. I basically color code my calendar by content creation, sales tasks, CEO tasks, future employee tasks, travel and self care. If you can keep yourself on task by seeing it visually I highly recommend this method.

2.) Business Hours:  When I was a sales executive and starting my company I had a really hard time setting boundaries with clients and coworkers. It was a hard mindset for me to change. I thought I had to be available to my clients 24/7 or at least 18 hours a day to keep them happy. The truth is I didn't need to do this at all and most of my clients voiced that they were worried I would burn out soon because of the hours they received responses from me. They were happy to see me setting boundaries and shared how they had done this themselves. 

3.) Schedule in Self Care: I used to skip the gym and yoga all the time. It was hurting me and in turn I wasn't showing up at 100% everyday. I was becoming bitter and very unhappy because my job had consumed all my time and was harming my physical and mental health. Once I time blocked in things like yoga, working out, meditation and even time with friends I became a 10x more productive during the hours I was working. Please if you do nothing else do this. Schedule in Sunday Brunch or a yoga with friends; health, building community and doing things that help our mental health are irreplaceable. 

My blogs are getting shorter and it's not an accident. I want to provide information in a way that is easily put into action for all of our users. Somethings have longer steps. Taking control of your calendar and time is actually very simple. Please let us know how you take control of your calendar in the comments! For more content and courses visit our plan page

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