Meet Megan

Before starting Perfrm, I was the top sales executive at a Mark Cuban Company, Motionloft. I was able to contribute to more than doubling the companies revenue in 2016 with the same number of sales representatives. I personally brought in more than 1.8M in 2017 ARR. Over the past five years I've worked with executives and C Teams at CVS, Starbucks, ShopCore, BlackStone, Benefit Cosmetics, Simplicity Laser, Frame and many more. In addition I've worked with hundreds of small business owners with one to three locations. 

Building relationships with clients and bringing in high numbers on the sales board has come very naturally to me. We tend to want to put our sales representatives into two categories, farmer and hunter/ sdr and closer. There's a better way, we need to stop focusing on wanting to make everyone a closer and change our goal to making everyone a relationship builder. Once your team understands empathy and learns to build their sales pipelines on the essential ideas of relationships and referrals, closing sales will become an easy concept. 

Organization and managing a huge pipeline were not always my strengths. I struggled to be the All Star sales rep that I strived to become. I had to stop running in circles and stressing out about how to get all of my documentation done. I knew there had to be a better way, and if there wasn't I was going to create one. I created a system that worked well for me and started to share it with my team, it worked for them too! I knew I had to share it with more people. 

How does hiring me as a consultant work for your team? 

1. I start with your executive team. To empower your sales team, I have to understand your product, your revenue goals, what's going right and what's going wrong. 

2. I propose a training strategy and schedule. Based on the size of your team we will decide together the best way to train them.

3. We implement some exercises for your sales team to work on so they can come to the training prepared. These are simple tasks that should not take anyone more than 10 minutes, including pulling their personal pipeline, and filing out a quota and goals worksheet. 

4. Training will be customized to your teams needs. We will always cover: 

  • Understanding and Managing Pipelines
  • Understanding how to meet Quotas
  • Building lasting relationships
  • Building a referral network
  • How to retain 95% + of your accounts
  • Why documentation is important for individual representatives
  • Setting individual goals

5. Follow up: Once training is completed, my promise to you is that I won't disappear, leaving you to hope it worked. I will follow up with you monthly for 12 months, with quarterly sessions on what has and hasn't improved. 

How do you contact me? 

Please fill out the form below and Megan will email you within 24 hours to schedule a call.

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