Planning a whole year can seem very overwhelming when you look at your new quota and current pipeline. This interactive course will help you break down your pipeline, identify where you will bring in your highest sales and areas to pull in more leads. Our Meet Your Quota Tool is available in Google Sheet and Excel formats. (If you are using another program we'll include instructions below on converting these formats into a CSV to upload to your program.) By completing this course you will be able to present your plan to your managers and feel more confident in your ability to meet your quota this year. We all like feeling secure in our sales jobs, right? We will also help you identify any areas you could use some training and mentoring in. We answer all emails within 24 hours, please feel free to email with any questions you have. 


Step 1: Quota Tracking Tool

The first step to getting better at anything is understanding where you are now. For those of you (like me - Megan) who get a little bogged down with all the reports and documentation, don't worry we do most of the heavy lifting here.

Choose which format you would like to use: 

Google Sheets


Download your pipeline from your CRM. If you need some help with this step follow the links below. Then merge the csv with the google sheet or excel sheet you chose above. You may need to change some headings. We have found that this process takes 10 - 30 minutes for the majority of our community depending on the size of your pipeline and experience within excel or google drive.



 Once this step is complete you can use the following guide to see where your strengths and areas for improvement are. You also have to email us and ask us to do this for you for a small fee (just $20). 

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Let's Get Started

Take a couple minutes to copy this google sheet into your own drive or to convert it to a csv/ excel sheet. This part of the course will help you prep for the rest of the course. The entire exercise should take you about an hour to complete. We've broken it up into three parts so you can complete this as you have the time to do it. 

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Where have your current sales come from

It's important to understand where your strengths lie. They may not be what you think or want then to be. You don't need to worry about this, we'll talk about sharpening other skills in part 3. Let's find out if you're a cold calling rockstar or an empathetic referral generator we all envy in so many ways. 

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Projecting your entire Year

Now that you know where your past sales have come from and what is in your current pipeline, let's project your year! This should help you feel like you have all the data and knowledge to move forward and have a very successful year.