Meet Your Quota Course

First we will cover why pipelines are so important for individual sales professionals.


Module 1: Let's Get Started

Take a couple minutes to copy this google sheet into your own drive or to convert it to a csv/ excel sheet. This part of the course will help you prep for the rest of the course. The entire exercise should take you about an hour to complete. We've broken it up into three parts so you can complete this as you have the time to do it. 

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Module 2: Where have your current sales come from

It's important to understand where your strengths lie. They may not be what you think or want then to be. You don't need to worry about this, we'll talk about sharpening other skills in part 3. Let's find out if you're a cold calling rockstar or an empathetic referral generator we all envy in so many ways. 

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Module 3: Projecting your entire Year

Now that you know where your past sales have come from and what is in your current pipeline, let's project your year! This should help you feel like you have all the data and knowledge to move forward and have a very successful year. 

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