Sales Courses

What is the first thing you think of when we say Sales Training Courses? Forget it! We are bringing you trainings in actionable and relatable ways. Always under 10 minutes! We have all sat through hours of trainings, taken the tests at the end to make our managers happy and rarely found value in what we were learning. We want you to be able to watch a training on your commute or while you're getting ready and immediately put it into action.


Quota Planning

New quotas can be overwhelming and seem impossible to achieve. We've created a guide to walk you through planning your most successful year yet. Including tools to identify areas to improve on by breaking down your pipeline. You've got this, we're just going to help a little!


Mentor Matching

Finding the right mentor for you can be challenging. At Perfrm we all have mentors outside of the company and we are encouraged to do this. Outside perspective especially when something doesn't seem to be going right for you is invaluable. Whether you're looking for a mentor or you'd like to be a mentor we are here to help you find the right fit.


Living Balanced

We believe that the best sales reps are the ones who have balanced lives. Not all of us are great at it or even know how to become ok at it. Learn with our team and some awesome health and fitness teams from across the US. We'll cover everything from staying active while you're busy to how to manage anxiety for important presentations.


Sales Experts

Perfrm's sales experts aren't just rockstar sales professionals. Our experts have met at least 120% of their quota for the last 5 years or are recognizable and accomplished business owners. All of our experts align with our mission to make sales a happier and healthier profession. We will have new experts each month from various industries including Real Estate, Hardware and Software, Service Focused, Retail Brands, and MLM top executives. 


Comunity Page

We are stronger and more successful together. Join our community to connect with other sales professionals to share tips and ideas of your own. Support and build each other up. Most importantly Go Make Some New Friends!