Perfrm Team


Megan Everett


CEO and Founder

"Kindness and hard work will get you anywhere you want to be in life" 




Megan's background includes Motionloft top sales rep (a Mark Cuban Company), ArtSquare's founding team, MyTime first enterprise sales hire and Cydcor top 5 sales rep. 



Jeribai Tascoe

jeribai headshot.jpg

UV Skins Creative Manager

Branding Expert






Jeribai's background includes HGTV Design Stars, DIY Network Host, Frontporch and owning his own creative studio. We love his energy and amazing eye for our brand vision. 


Laura Gathright Woodard


NuSkin Ruby Executive

Sales Expert Contributer




Laura is a rockstar sales executive at NuSkin, leading the #1 growing team in the US. Her background includes marketing at Dillard's Headquarters and being a top sales rep at Jamberry. Laura and our CEO go way back to music camp in high school and attended Ouachita Baptist University together. She's a mom of three and manages a team of over 500. If you want to know how to grow your MLM business, Laura is one to watch and learn from!


Emily Hartle


All Hearts and Hands Volunteer Engagement Coordinator

Living Balanced Contributor



Emily is a shining light in our group of contributors. She reminds all of us to look within ourselves to center and to look outside of ourselves for perspective. Her tips on meditation and volunteering will change your entire perspective on life. We love her for all that she is.  


Kenan MCDonald

kenan headshot.jpg

Business Advisor and Sales Expert Contributor

Direct market development with leading Service Providers in Latin America and Asia regions with expertise in deep technical sales and developing long term strategic partnerships. Responsible for all regional marketing, developing strategic partnerships, creating new tools for sales teams, defining business opportunities, pricing/contract negotiations, rollout strategies, prioritizing sales funnels, providing customer input for new product R&D, and discovering new verticals to use our products.


Tim Mccaffrey


Tim McCaffrey Design, Owner 

Web Developer and Graphics






Tim's background includes UV Skins, owning a news paper and founding a design studio. We love his awesome attitude and ability to make our CEO's thoughts become beautiful webpages.


Lance Pinn

lance pinn.jpg

Brooklyn Boulders CEO and Founder 

Balanced Living and Sales Expert Contributer



Lance might have the coolest job any of us have ever heard of. He started Brooklyn Boulders with his two best friends a few years ago and now has six locations on the east coast with their headquarters in Denver. Co.


Jairet Crum 

JC headshot ACATE3 large.jpeg

Youper Content and Marketing Director

Living Balanced Contributer

"Don't lose sight of your final destination because of your current situation."

Jairet lives in Brazil and has lived all over the world. We definitely miss him in California though. He works for Youpper, a company who has developed an app to tackle social anxiety. Most people struggle with some form of social anxiety in their life. We love Jairet because he always seem to have encouragement for us at the right moments.