Planning a whole year can seem very overwhelming when you look at your new quota and current pipeline. We’ve made it easy to understand your pipeline, exactly what you need to do to meet your quotas and how to plan ahead to meet your next quota! All you need to do is the two easy steps below. We will email you as soon as your Perfrm Path Dashboard is available.


Step 1: Download Your Pipeline

The first step to getting better at anything is understanding where you are now. For those of you who get a little bogged down with all the reports and documentation, don't worry we do most of the heavy lifting here.

Download your pipeline from your CRM. If you need some help with this step follow the links below. Then merge the csv with the google sheet or excel sheet you chose above. You may need to change some headings. We have found that this process takes 10 - 30 minutes for the majority of our community depending on the size of your pipeline and experience within excel or google drive.



Step 2: Tell us About Your Quota

Please fill out this form to let us know about your quota and what you are here to learn.

Step 3: Join our Community

While we build your dashboard and get your first course ready fell free to join the conversation, find a mentor and follow us on social media.

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