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Your Perfrmance Dashboard


Your Perfrmance Report

The about reports show your data. Where you are right now. This data can be exciting or discouraging, but you should know all data helps us get better. So lets jump into what your’s tells us.

The Breakdown

Your close rate from first call to win is 10.9%

Your close rate from pitched to win is 67.66%

Leads you close the most: Cold Calls

Average Days to Win from pitched: 63

Your 2018 Quota: $1,800,000

Your 2018 Sales: $1,822,998

Average Sale: $16,132.72

Sales you need to meet your 2018 Quota: $0


Your Projected 12 months

This report shows you what your next 12 months will look like if your close rates stay exactly the same.

Unpitched leads in your pipeline: 868

Projected sales from 868 leads: 95

Projected total sales: $1,532,608.40

2019 Quota: $2,100,000

Difference to make up: $567,391

Leads needed: 393

Your Suggested Perfrm Path

Courses to take:

Becoming a Master at Sales Outreach

Build Relationships

Exceeding Your Quota

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